Smartwatch Garett Kids 2 orange

Functions and technical data

  • Waterproof IP54 case

  • Garett Tracker application
  • Touch color display
  • Making phone calls
  • Location using GPS, LBS, WiFi
  • Sending voice memos
  • SOS button
  • MicroSim card slot
  • Geo fence
  • Remote listening
  • History Route
  • Lost watch alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep monitor
  • Alarm clock
  • Block the watch function
  • Reward system

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Smartwatch Garett Kids 2 is a modern GPS localizer with sim card and SOS button. It has location functions on the map, functions of the mobile phone and a number of other functions, thanks to which we have more control over our children. The goal is simple - allow children more freedom without compromising their safety. The watch is sold without a sim card, without any subscription or other additional charges, the watch works with every sim card of each operator. Garett Kids 2 has a waterproof IP54 housing, a color touch screen, works on the Garett Tracker application.

Locating you child at any time
The GPS location function allows you to accurately track the watch on your phone's GPS map in real time or to track the route covered by the child, eg on the way back from school.
Built-in SOS button
After pressing the SOS button, the child will be able to quickly call for help in a dangerous situation. The watch sends the SOS message and the position of the watch on the map, this message is sent to three people selected by the parent.
A moblie phone in the watch
Thanks to the sim card we place in the device, the child can pick up and make a phone call. The phone built into the watch, which is fastened on the hands is a much more secure solution than an ordinary mobile phone, which the child can easily get lost.
Constant control of telephone connections
By means of an application on your smartphone, the parent can choose which numbers can reach the child and on which numbers the child can call from the watch, phone numbers not entered in the child's phone book will not reach the child and the child will not be able to call such numbers. In addition, the parent can enable a temporary blocking of calls in both directions, eg when the child is in school or other activities.
Sending voice memos
The watch has the ability to send voice memos (up to 15 seconds) in two directions, parent-child and child-parent, without having to make phone calls. Voice memos are saved in the application on the parent's smartphone and it is possible to listen to notes repeatedly.
Remote listening
When you enable this feature, the parent can listen to what is happening around the child at any time. When using the function, the watch display does not show any additional information.
Geo fence
When the child crosses the boundary designated by the parent in the application, the parent will be immediately informed, eg if the child goes outside the playground or house estate.
Automatic notifications
The application will send a warning to the parent's phone whenever the battery level in the watch drops below 15%. The parent will also be notified when the child retrieves the watch from his hand.
Free Garett Tracker app
All settings and configuration of the watch is made by a smartphone of a parent using the Garett Tracker application available in the Google Play store and App Store which is in English, is free and thanks to which we can check what our child is doing at any time.
Resistant to splashing
Waterproof IP54 case, provides sufficient protection against water under normal conditions of use, the watch can be exposed to rain, you can easily wash your hands in it. It is forbidden to submerge the device under water.
In addition to sound notifications, we can also set discreet vibrating notifications.
Biult-in pedometer
The pedometer will measure how many steps have been taken on a given day, how long the distance was at what time and how many calories burned.
Sleep monitor
The sleep monitor shows sleepy hours and the quality of sleep.
"Do Not Disturb" mode
It is possible to block the functions of the watch, thanks to which you can remotely lock the watch when your child is at school so as not to distract him. You can also set an automatic lock in given hours.
No subscription and additional fees
The watch is sold without a sim card, without any subscription or other additional charges, the watch works with every sim card of each operator. For the correct operation of the smartwatch it is required to install an active micro sim card without a pin code, with a pre-paid account or a subscription offer, enabled internet package, the card must work at all network frequencies (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE), must have APN configurations set.
Support and help with configuration
The configuration process of the watch and the application is described in detail in the enclosed operating instructions. In the event of problems with the configuration of the watch or application, we provide full post-purchase support via e-mail and telephone contact.

Never think about where is your child. Garett Kids 2 is a safe child and peaceful parent.



Garett Kids2 czarny zestaw
  • Smartwatch localizer Garett Kids 2
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructions in English
  • Receipt or VAT invoice
  • Warranty card (24 months warranty)

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