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Smartwatch Garett Kids Twin 4G black

Functions and technical data

  • IP67 waterproof
  • 1.4 "IPS touch screen
  • Voice / video calls
  • 4G LTE connectivity
  • Sound Notifications / Call Notifications
  • SOS button
  • Built-in dual camera
  • Pedometer / Sleep Tracker
  • Alarm clock / Stopwatch / Calculator

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Garett Kids Twin Smartwatch

Waterproof, fashionable, and modern smartwatch designed for toddlers, which will work both at school and during everyday games, so it is an excellent choice for children leading an active lifestyle. The intuitive and easy-to-use operating system and the 1.4-inch IPS display make it much easier and more enjoyable to use. Thanks to the extensive call function – voice and video – a parent can contact their child at any time.

Dual camera

The Garett Kids Twin 4G has a built-in dual camera. Moreover, switching between variants is extremely simple as it will not take much time. Thanks to this, your child will easily take a photo of, for example, notes at school. It is a perfect solution for kids who should not carry too many electronic devices with them. Now they will be able to capture adventures and archive them on their parent's phone. With the free app, it's extremely simple and it will only take a few seconds to upload photos.

Durable and robust

When using a smartwatch, it sometimes happens that it is exposed to water. This can happen as a result of rainfall or simply water pouring from the sink accidentally, which means that its waterproof feature is so important. Garett Kids Twin 4G meets IP67 standard. This means that it is resistant to any pollen and particles that do not get inside. An additional advantage is a replaceable strap that makes it easier to personalize the purchased product.

Exact location

Every parent wants to know what is happening to their child and be absolutely sure that they are completely safe. Now with the smartwatch you can be calm because it uses four methods of locating the device i.e., GPS, Wi-Fi, LBS and AGPS. If one of them fails, there are three others left, so now you can easily locate your child. A big advantage of the model is also the support for 4G LTE, which allows you to connect the smartwatch to the network in virtually any place in Poland.

Simple operation

The Garett Kids Twin 4G uses a new, intuitive operating system, which makes it much easier to use the product, and is suitable even for people who have not had contact with similar technology before. Among the advantages should also be the supporting smartwatch menu in Polish. Thanks to these facilities, the device is characterized by a really simple operation that does not cause any problems. What's more, everyone will easily adjust the settings to their requirements. It's the perfect choice for your first smartwatch!

Easy and pleasant connections

Kids having a smartphone is not always a good idea. It can be easily lost, and left in a backpack during play, which makes it impossible to be in constant contact with the child. In such situations, a smartwatch with call support is a great help and will enable much simpler communication with the child, who will now easily receive the incoming call. What's more, Garett Kids Twin 4G allows you to answer not only voice calls, but also video. Check what your child is doing and whether they are currently in any danger.

Safety first

The child's safety will be ensured not only by functions related to the exact location or answering of phones, but also by other necessary extensions. The GEOfencing option allows you to designate an area in which the smartwatch user can move. The moment they leave the designated space, you will quickly get a message informing you about it. Remote eavesdropping will allow you to have a better insight into what your child is currently doing. However, in the event of an emergency, it can use the SOS button, which will immediately call for the help necessary at that moment.

Help in leading a healthy and active lifestyle

A good smartwatch will not only help you take care of your child's safety but will also be useful in observing his lifestyle. The sleep quality monitoring function will be excellent for this, as it means better rest planning and use it for the best regeneration of the body. What's more, the pedometer is a great way to measure your progress during cyclical walks. By checking how the number of steps taken changes, you can easily set new challenges that are appropriately suited to the current user.

Also useful at school

The smartwatch is equipped with numerous functions that will be used not only during games, but also during education. One of them is a calculator that allows you to perform simple calculations, which is definitely more handy than using a separate device for this purpose. It will certainly come in handy during lessons at school. A simple computational game will also help the child acquire mathematical knowledge. On the other hand, a loud alarm clock will take care of getting up in the morning to school, which means your child will no longer have the excuse that he accidentally overslept and was late!

Durable battery

Everyday devices, such as the innovative smartwatch, must be characterized by a durable battery. In addition, the process of its charging should be relatively fast so that filling in the gaps does not cause problems. The Garett Kids Twin 4G has an 800 mAh battery, which is much more powerful than the batteries used in similar products that have around 500 mAh. This translates into longer work and ensures that the device does not discharge at a completely random moment. Go for this innovative model, which combines the highest functionality with amenities that facilitate everyday life.

1 pixel Functions and technical data

Waterproof IP68 No
Waterproof IP67 Yes
Waterproof IP66 No
Waterproof IP65 No
Touchscreen Yes
Backlit display Yes
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth No
Video call Yes
Built-in 4G module Yes
GPS, LBS, WiFi Yes
SIM card slot Yes
Memory card slot No
Built-in Android system No
Compatibility with Android Yes
Compatibility with iOS Yes
Compatibility with GPS app Yes
Sound notifications Yes
Call notifications Yes
Receiving, rejecting, making calls Yes
Receiving, rejecting, making calls (only with SIM card) Yes
Dial pad Yes
Sending voice memos Yes
SOS button Yes
GEO fence Yes
Remote voice monitoring Yes
Find your watch function Yes
Low battery alarm Yes
Built-in camera Yes
Heart rate monitor No
Blood pressure monitor No
Pulse oximeter No
ECG sensor No
Built-in thermometer No
Built-in UV sensor No
Pedometer Yes
Sleep monitor Yes
Route history Yes
Photo album Yes
Stopwatch Yes
Alarm clock Yes
Calculator Yes
Math game Yes
Multiple watch faces Yes
Plastic strap No
Rubber strap Yes
Metal strap No
Metal bracelet No
Leather strap No
Replacement strap No
Dedicated application Garett Tracker
Screen type IPS
Screen size 1.4 inch
Screen resolution 240x240 pixels
Waterproof and dustproof certificate IP67
Processor ASR3603
Motion sensor Yes
RAM memory 192 MB
Built-in memory 128 MB
Supported GSM frequencies 850/900/1800/1900
Supported GSM standards 2G/3G/4G
GPS accuracy GPS: 5 - 15 WiFi: 30 - 50 LBS: 100 and more
GPS sensitivity -145 dBm
SIM card standard Nano SIM
Camera Yes
Compatible with Android 4.0, iOS 9.0 (and higher)
Battery type Lithium-polymer
Battery capacity 800 mAh
Standby time Up to 3 days
Battery life Up to 2 days
Charging time Up to 2 hours
Menu language Polish, English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, Turkish, Dutch, French, Italian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian
Case size 56 x 43,5 x 15,5 mm
Strap length 21 cm
Strap width 20 mm
Strap type Rubber
Weight 51 g
Warranty 24 months
Set contains: Smartwatch Garett, USB cable (charger not included), manual in English, warranty card

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