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Smartwatch Garett Kids Rock 4G RT blue

Functions and technical data

  • IP67 waterproof
  • Touchscreen
  • GPS / WiFi / LBS location
  • Voice / video calls
  • Sound notifications
  • SOS button
  • Sleep monitor / Pedometer
  • Built-in camera
  • Alarm clock / calculator
  • Watch search function
  • Math game

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Garett Kids Rock 4G RT Smartwatch

A children's smartwatch with a touch display, using 4G LTE technology, is a reasonable choice for parents of active toddlers. What do you gain? First of all, it ensures your child's safety thanks to GPS, WiFi, LBS and AGPS location or the SOS button. These functions will allow you to react immediately in an unforeseen situation. What do the youngsters gain? A fascinating waterproof smartwatch with a built-in camera that will make it easier for you to communicate. More functions and a richer menu mean this smart watch is not inferior to the well-known smartphone models on the market.

Make and receive calls and video calls

A children's smartwatch must offer several necessary functions. Undoubtedly, these include receiving and making calls. A supported nano-SIM card can be of any network. Thanks to this, the Garett Kids Rock 4GT RT model provides constant communication between parents and pupils. The option of video calls and voice messages are other features that increase the usefulness of the watch. For children it is fun and provides the possibility of remote care for guardians. Sound notifications are an advantage, so no new message or call will escape the user's attention.

SOS button and remote eavesdropping

The Garett Kids Rock 4GT RT model meets the expectations of the most demanding parents. In an unforeseen situation, the child can press the SOS button and call for help by connecting to pre-selected phone numbers, which means you have a chance to react in time. Also, remote eavesdropping, consisting of a one-sided connection to the watch, allows you to control what is happening in its surroundings at a given moment.

GPS, WiFi, LBS and AGPS location and GEOfencing

A children's smartwatch is not only a modern gadget with interesting applications that you can boast about. Above all, the device allows you to constantly take care of where your child is currently located. The location with the help of four systems (GPS, WiFi, LBS and AGPS) allows you to determine the location of the youngest members of the family with an accuracy of 5 m. In turn, you will designate a safe zone for your child thanks to the GEOfencing function. You'll get a notification on your phone the moment the watch user is beyond it.

IP67 waterproof

The Garett Kids Rock 4GT RT, equipped with a new, intuitive system, is characterized by high durability. It is both waterproof and dustproof. The IP67 degree of protection of the smartwatch allows children to indulge in numerous adventures, without fear of destroying the device. They do not fear sand or mud, as well as weather conditions such as rain and snow. This model is ideal for particularly active young users.

A smartwatch with built-in camera

The Garett Kids Rock 4GT RT smartwatch has a built-in camera. Taking pictures with a watch is one of the many important functions that allow for effective parental care. It is not only entertainment for the youngest, but also an element that definitely facilitates communication between the child and the guardian. The toddler can independently save commemorative shots from meetings with friends and share them with mom and dad. This solution will appeal to even fastidious young consumers. After all, a photo can express more than words.

Pedometer and sleep monitor

Every parent knows that physical activity is an extremely important element of the proper development of every person, regardless of age. The pedometer in the smartwatch will not only give you information about the length of your child's journey; at the same time, it will be a function for the toddler that combines great fun with breaking new records in the number of steps taken. In turn, the sleep monitor will allow you to control the quality of your child's sleep. With this observation, if the need arises, you will be able to make changes which means your child will sleep better.

Various dials to choose from and replaceable straps

Children from an early age like to emphasize their individuality. The Garett Kids Rock 4G RT model is an add-on that can help them with that. It is a handy and practical item of clothing. Different dials to choose from means everyone can discover something for themselves. Toddlers will easily find a graphic form that meets their requirements. The ability to decide on the appearance of your watch increases its attractiveness in the eyes of a child. In addition, the device has replaceable straps, so when the original one is damaged, changing it to a new one will not be a problem.

Additional features

The smartwatch does not lack standard applications, such as an alarm clock, stopwatch or calculator. Children like to surround themselves with modern gadgets that allow them to be comfortable in everyday functioning. One of the biggest advantages of the device is replacing several others, which means its user does not have to have a camera, phone, or calculator with them. Interesting is the function of looking for a smartwatch, especially useful in a situation where an absent-minded child happens to misplace it. In addition, it should be mentioned that the smart watch also provides educational entertainment in a pleasant form, so the knowledge of toddlers will be expanded by a mathematical game.

Compatible with Android and iOS

The undoubted advantage of the Garett Kids Rock 4GT RT model is its compatibility with Android and iOS. You can easily download the free Garett Tracker application in Polish in the Google Play Store or App Store. It allows you to change the configuration and settings of the device directly from your own smartphone. You will have everything under total control, which will significantly increase your comfort and reduce the stress associated with caring for your child – thus the Garett Kids Rock 4G RT smartwatch becomes a professional tool, facilitating the daily life of both the child and the parent.

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