Smartwatch Garett Action silver

Functions and technical data

  • IP68 waterproof
  • Notifications about SMS / calls / from the application
  • Vibration notifications
  • Heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter
  • Pedometer, Sports Modes (Swimming)
  • Inactivity monitor
  • Do not disturb mode / Battery saver mode
  • Phone / watch search function

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Smartwatch Garett Action

Do you like physical activity and take care of your health every day? The Garett Action smartwatch is made just for you! This model will allow you to control your progress during different types of workouts, as well as during weekend walks and trips. Outdoor enthusiasts will certainly like the option of monitoring the weather forecast and the waterproof rating, certifying that the smartwatch is resistant to rain, snow and dust. Minimalist design and maximum functionality are the features that distinguish Garett Action from other models.

Lightweight and flexible replaceable rubber band

The comfortable and lightweight rubber band gives a significant advantage to the Garett Action watch, because the low weight makes you completely unsensitive to its presence on your wrist. During workouts, walks, as well as everyday use, you almost forget that you are wearing it. The flexible material perfectly adapts to the shape of your hand, so you can be sure that it will not rub or press against you.

Discreet vibration notifications

You will never be surprised again by the loud and unexpected sound of the phone at work, at a meeting with friends or during a relaxing evening. The Garett Action smartwatch has a built-in mode for discreetly transmitting notifications using vibration, which means you will be informed every time about a new call, text, or message from the application in a subtle and quiet way, not disturbing your concentration. It is up to you whether you want to reach for the phone to answer the call for example.

IP68 waterproof rating

If you like outdoor hiking, sports or cross-country running, the Garett Action smart band can be your reliable assistant. The IP68 waterproof rating confirms that it is protected from water, snow, dust, dirt, or mud. The robust housing won't let even the slightest contaminants pass through, so you'll be sure that your device is safe in a variety of circumstances and will work well for a host of activities.

Battery saver mode and stopwatch option

Do you want your smartwatch to work longer without charging? You can use the battery saving mode. The connection to the phone is then suspended, and the display is not activated by the movement of the hand. However, you can still use the sport modes or the pedometer. In addition, there is also a stopwatch option in the watch, which will allow you to measure the time in many different circumstances. Time trial running, cooking a soft-boiled egg or holding your breathe challenges are just a few possibilities!

Heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter

Both the elderly and keep-fit lovers will like the built-in heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor, enabling you to regularly control your heart rate and pressure. In addition, there is also a pulse oximeter in the device, which measures the level of oxygenation of arterial blood. Useful functions make the Garett Action watch a must for everyone who wants to take care of their health and fitness.

Numerous sport modes for active people

Special sports modes have been created that help in monitoring progress for keep fit lovers, which means you can control the parameters during running, cycling, elliptical trainer exercises, practicing yoga, playing basketball and many other activities. After each workout, you can check how much time it took you, how many calories you managed to burn, as well as what distance you covered during runs or walks. With the synced app, you can see your workout history and track your progress.

Sleep and hydration monitoring

Drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water a day is the basis for maintaining proper health, keeping a slim figure, and feeling great. If you have trouble taking in water regularly, you will certainly need a smart wristband. This unusual device will send at least a few notifications during the day. The watch also helps you monitor the quality of your sleep and will tell you if you slept too little that night, which means you will also see when your body enters the phases of light and deep sleep.

Up to date weather information

Controlling the weather forecast is useful both on a daily basis and during holidays. Before leaving the house, it is worth checking whether you should take an umbrella with you, put on a hat, or maybe change your heavy shoes to more airy ones. The Garett Action smartwatch has been equipped with a weather tracking function, which is worth using every day, especially before an important outing or a planned trip. Thanks to this, you will never be surprised by rain, snow or high temperature again.

Menstrual cycle monitoring

The additional function that the Garett Action smartwatch has will certainly appeal to every user. A special mode, allowing you to monitor the menstrual cycle, is an invaluable help for both young and slightly more mature women. You will gain full control over your body thanks to the reminders sent by the watch. You will receive a special message that will allow you to prepare for these special days both on the day of the expected start of menstruation and a few days before. See for yourself how useful it is!

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