Prizes and awards


Garett Electronics cares about high standards of offer and quality of consumer service. Our aspirations in this field are appreciated, as evidenced by awards and distinctions awarded over the last years - which we praise with unflagging pride.



The Good Brand - Quality, Trust, and Reputation"

In 2017 and 2018, Garett Electronics received the golden emblem in the "Good Brand - Quality, Trust, Reputation" program. We are pleased to announce that also today we can enjoy this prestigious award. The award was awarded to our brand also in 2019, which proves that we do not rest on our laurels: we develop by perfecting our offer and ensuring the highest possible level of services, while responding to growing expectations of our customers.
The "Good Brand - Quality, Trust, Reputation" program has been organized for 10 years and is nationwide, its main goal is to select the best brands in individual industries. It is an even greater distinction for us, because one of the indicators taken into account in the methodology of research conducted in order to select the best brands are the opinions of customers. The golden emblem also proves the high trust that consumers place in us and the marketing strength of the Garett Electronics brand. This program is also an invaluable help in making good consumer choices, especially in the face of the constant expansion of the market with more and more new companies.
We are honored that we have been awarded such a valuable badge and that we can spread our wings, improving our own offer even more, and at the same time becoming a model for other companies in our industry.
As you can see, from we are going in the right direction for many years; we are changing, taking into account not only the way the brand functions, but also the opinion of customers who are satisfied with the level of our services.

We hope that the level of this satisfaction will not decrease, on the contrary - in the coming years, as in the previous and in 2020 - we will once again prove that it is worth trusting the Garett Electronics brand.



Highest Quality International 2018

In 2018, Garett Electronics also won a golden emblem in the largest quality competition in Poland - Highest Quality International . We obtained the title in the QI Product category for the entire Garett SmartWatch line. We are proud that our efforts have been recognized by such a prestigious body and that we have obtained confirmation of the highest quality of our products, especially taking into account the strict criteria of the plebiscite.

The awards and distinctions obtained constitute an objective evaluation of our activities and at the same time are the best recommendation for our products.



The innovation of 2018

The Garett Smartwatch line was appreciated during the Innovation of 2018 contest, thanks to which Garett Electronics became its laureate. The innovation of 2018 is a nationwide competition in which modern, original, innovative technological solutions and modern products are promoted. The program is organized under the patronage of the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish enterprises can take part in it. We are happy that our products have been appreciated by the jury of the competition.



QI 2019 Highest Quality badge for car cameras

Another distinction for Garett Electronics in 2019 was the QI 2019 Highest Quality badge for car cameras. The recognition our video recorders have met has a special value. It is a kind of summary of our efforts so that modern and reliable car cameras become a product available to a wide audience, thus contributing to the improvement of the safety of all of us. We treat this award as a motivation for even more intensive work on improving our offer.




...And yet again we have the opportunity to boast a new trophy, this time a special one, as it is not directly related to our business profile. Garett Electronics has been awarded the title of RESPONSIBLE EMPLOYER - HR Leader 2019, joining the exclusive group of winners of this nationwide programme. We are proud to say that our company is like a family in which everyone feels equally responsible and can always count on our support. Naturally, we have accepted the award with great joy, but on the other hand, we would not mind if all Polish companies received it as well next year!



Parents' Award 2019

Our series of Garett Kids smartwatches with the new Kids Nice and Kids Junior models received the Parents' Award 2019.
during the 12th edition of the Toy of the Year Competition. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in Poland, which helps parents choose functional and safe accessories for their children. The Parents' Award is granted by the greatest authorities in the industry. They include psychologists, physiotherapists, industry journalists, as well as famous parents.

Garett smartwatches for children have been recognised for their functionality in terms of real-time child location using GPS and GEO-fencing. The built-in mobile phone, SOS call button and remote monitor contribute to the parents' peace of mind and the safety of the child. Discovering other functions such as games, stopwatch, pedometer, torch, built-in camera, rewards system and audio notes can be fun for the entire family. Our success is also partly due to the unique design and compatibility with both Android and iOS.



Super Brand 2020

Time to begin 2020 :) We actually knew about this award before, because as a three-time winner of the Good Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation, programme, we were entitled to it, so to speak, 'by law'. Nevertheless, we can now officially announce with pride that Garett Electronics has received the Golden Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation - 2020 award. Of course, just like every other award we have received so far, it will motivate us to set the bar even higher.



Good Polish Brand 2021 – Quality, Trust, Reputation

Once again Garett Electronics has been awarded the title of Good Polish Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation! This honour is the crowning achievement of our tireless work and drive for continuous development.
The Good Polish Brand award is granted to companies which enjoy exceptional consumer trust, which is why it means so much to us. We are happy that, despite operating in the unusually competitive electronics industry, we have managed to stand out with our quality, innovativeness and approach to the customer.
In 2021, the Good Polish Brand award was granted to only 18 companies operating throughout Poland. Being in such an elite group is motivation for Garett Electronics to push the limits further and to concentrate on quality. Not resting on our laurels, we are striving to see the name of our company appear in the contest every year.
We hope that this honour will help our customers feel confident about their choice of products from Garett Electronics and their trust in our brand.

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