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1. Introductory information.

  1. Established in the Community under the GARETT private limited company, having its registered office at: ul. Targowa 18/1413, 25-520 Kielce (referred to as: ‘Operator’), acting as the owner of web page rights, which constitute to the internet store of garett.pl domain, (referred to as: ‘Store’), will do its best to ensure the protection of customers privacy.
  2. Operator collect only personal data (within the meaning of the regulation form 29 August 1997, concerning the protection of personal data(i.e. The Journal of Law from 2002., No 101, item .926 further amended) (further: ‘Personal data’), necessary for business activity using the store and on condition of willingly providing such details by the customer of the store.
  3. Detailed rules of processing personal details of the customer and the range of customers’ acceptance for processing the details entered are specified in the following terms and conditions. Customer before placing an order of products offered in the store, accepts the processing of personal details, and can obtain full information about the scope of the very processing by the Operator.


2. Rules of processing personal details of the customer

  1. Controller of the Personal Details of the store customers within the meaning of the regulation from 29 August 1997, concerning the protection of personal details (i.e. The. Journal of Law from 2002, No 101, item .926 further amended) each time is the Operator, conducting business activity under PP S.C with its registered office at: ul. Targowa 18/1413, 25-520 Kielce.
  2. The Operator collects and process the following personal details:
    1. Surname and name;
    2. Address;
    3. Company name (in case of entrepreneurs)
    4. Telephone number
    5. E-mail address
    6. NIP number (in case of entrepreneurs, in order to prepare the VAT invoice)
    Providing the personal details is voluntary and requires the Customers’ acceptance. Operator informs that without providing personal details placing an order in the store is impossible.
  3. Operator collects and process details of people who:
    1. place the order of products provided by the Operator;
    2. contact the Operator in order to obtain the store offer information and provide personal details in the process;
    3. subscribe the Operator newsletter
    In case specified in point B and C, collected and processed details concern E-mail address only. In case of use of personal details for newsletter, business information will be sent to the customer via e-mail, only if customer accept the form of receiving it in such way. Customer may withdraw the acceptance for receiving newsletter from the operator via e-mail at any time.
  4. Operator collects and process the personal details in order to:
    1. complete the contract appeared due to placing the order in the store, including delivery of purchased products to the customer;
    2. answers for questions of customers and other parties;
    3. sending the subscribed correspondence and business information concerning the store offer.
  5. Operator conducts the analysis of logins and collects IP addresses of store customers for statistical purposes, maintenance and security of the domain. Operator informs that no IP address are connected to personal details of store customers. In accordance to above mentioned information, a statistical data can be build (concerning store’s viewing figures), which will be disclosed by the operator to third party members, including cooperating with the Operator.
  6. Operator uses network analysis systems, which may be used for creation of customer profiles. Excluding the justified reasons of marketing and customer’s acceptance, the customer’s profile will not be marked with name, surname or other detail which may lead to direct identification. Network analysis systems use cookie files in their processes.
  7. Personal details collected by the Operator will be processed only in the way for which it was provided in the first place, in accordance to the scope of customer’s acceptance, on the basis and within the law regulation. Customer holds the right to see the content of his personal details and its correction, as well as the right to issue a written request to cease personal details processing.
    Correction of personal details may be performed through client contact with store service, including traditional mail and e-mails.
  8. Personal details may be shared by the operator in the necessary scope to:
    1. courier companies;
    2. operators of electronic payment systems;
    3. Subject performing, on demand of the Operator, marketing services and personalization of contact with customer.

    Customer can withdraw the acceptance for the above mentioned sharing of information and personal details at any time.
  9. Operator reserves the right to process personal details of customer, claimed in the event of performing business activity or concerning the investigation of unauthorised use of the domain.
  10. Access to personal details is available only to individuals which hold a clear written authorisation from the Operator. An authorised person dispose of individual access password to personal details. Password is not shared with others and is known to operator and authorised person only. Passwords are changed after certain period of time, on the rules specified by the operator. Lists of passwords are kept in the place available only to the Operator.
  11. Operator informs that access to personal details is also granted to authorised national authorities, within their respective ranges of competence assigned by regulations, in particular the judicial authorities (police, prosecution, courts).
  12. Operator informs that customer may only browse anonymously the content of store offered. Customer cannot anonymously, or with the use of nickname, purchase the goods of the store. In order to place an order personal details are required, specified in the following terms and conditions.
  13. Operator process the personal details in accordance with the regulation from 29 August 1997, concerning the protection of personal details (i.e. The Journal Of Law from 2000, No 101, item 926, further amended) with the use of appropriate technical and organisational means. Personal details of customers are duly secured against the access of unauthorised people, damage or deletion.
  14. Operator informs to entrust the processing of personal details to external subject only in the scope of necessary for bookkeeping and IT services, as well as in the scope of purchased goods delivery to the customer. Operator may entrust the processing of customer’s personal details to subjects which execute services connected to marketing of products and services. Customer is entitled to obtain the information about subject to which it was entrusted to process his personal details, including the purpose and the scope of processing.
  15. Operator ensure the customer with direct and fixed access to the updated information specified in the point: 2.10 – 2.14, in particular, informing the customer about any changes concerning this scope. Access to information is undertaken through posting on the store’s web page of an updated privacy policy and policy of cookies. Furthermore, customer may at any given moment have access to such information and answers to questions via E-mail.



Cookie Policy

3. Introductory information

  1. "Cookies” are single small files, especially of text type, sent by web pages viewed by the user and kept inside the final appliance (computer, tablet, etc.) of the user. Data included in these files may only be read by the web page which created it. Web page has no access to any other files stored on the customer’s computer.
  2. The subject which places cookie files at the final appliance of the customer, and holding access to such files is the Operator.


4. The aim and the scope of “cookie” files use

  1. “Cookie” files used by the store web page enable an appropriate personalization of presented information and content adjusted to the customer, as well as measuring the user interaction within web pages.
  2. Operator uses cookie files in order to adjust and correct the way in which web page is working, as well as to measure the effectiveness of performed actions, analysis and viewing figures. Cookies enable additionally to study the customer’s preferences and provide them with the most appropriate offer in accordance to these preferences.
  3. Cookie files may be used to contact the customer via mail, e-mail or telephone.
  4. Cookie files at the operator’s domain may be used in particular for:
    1. measuring the activity and analysing the customers actions on the site;
    2. using the mechanism of the probe which study the customer’s preferences;
    3. remembering the lack of acceptance for publishing some of the content;
    4. measuring the effectiveness (tracing of conversations) of performed actions;


5. Types of cookie files used within the Operator’s domain

  1. Within the Operator’s domain a following types of cookie files may be used:
    1. session - which stays on the customer’s appliance till the moment of leaving the site or closing the browser
    2. static - which stays on the customer’s appliance throughout the period specified in the file, or till the deletion by customer.


6. Ways of customer’s resignation from the acceptance of cookie files

  1. Activities connected to storing and sending of cookie files are maintained by internet browsers, and stays invisible for the customer. Customer may use such settings of the browser which reject requests to store cookies in general or only to a specific types. It may be done in the browser settings.
  2. User shall know that setting off cookie files may influence the way in which the site is presented. Not finishing the settings as to cookie files means that they will be placed on the customer’s final appliance, and therefore the operator may have the access to it.
  3. Usage by the customer of the store without changes in settings of the browser effect in acceptance of the above mentioned terms of cookie files use and the clearance for use by the Operator.


7. Application and changes in the privacy policy.

  1. The specified privacy policy is applicable from 10 March 2015.
  2. Operator reserves the right to change the privacy policy and policy of cookies at any given moment. The consolidated text of privacy policy and policy of cookies after changes will be available on the main site of the store under bookmark “privacy policy”. Information about changes will be provided to customers with two weeks advance. Any change in privacy policy and policy of cookies will be available under the “privacy policy” bookmark at the main site of the store.
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